Good teeth brushing tips

A good brushing will make your teeth look healthier and brighter. When I was 13 years old, my teacher once told me that brushing your teeth is good for 3 minutes. But many people are brushing teeth less than 3 minutes. The way you brush your teeth can cause false teeth become sensitive. To get the teeth and mouth hygiene is optimal, note also how to brush teeth properly. Correct tooth brushing is at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bed at night. At bedtime, decreased saliva production, causing an atmosphere of acid in the mouth. If there was food debris on teeth, the mouth more acidic, and bacteria will flourish and make a hole in the tooth. With brushing, the nature of these acids can be prevented.

Then brush your teeth at the front with up and down. To the side teeth, brush with a circular motion with some brush on the teeth and partly on the gums. This movement gives massage the gums that can accelerate blood circulation in the gums.

While brushing your teeth part in the direction from bottom to top to the bottom teeth and from top to bottom to the top teeth. The length of the recommended brushing time is about 2 minutes and reach all tooth surfaces to prevent accumulation of food debris causes plaque.

For complete tips about brushing tips, you can read some this usefull ebook. Talk about best dental health.


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