5 tips fashion for men

When we want to go somewhere, we need to match the clothes that we use in place we visit. Example, when we want to go to a party we have to wear a suit and shirt. When we went to the beach, of course, we use casual clothes, etc. As a man who love to socialize, of course, we also must be clever in the art of dressing. Because the first impression is important. When we look good in front of people, that person would have to respect us, or may be directly interested with us.

Here are some tips you can do when you want to change clothes for yourself.

1. Fit with your body
Baggy clothes will make you look like a child. Customize shirts with your posture, but also should not be too small.

2. Make it simple
Do not be too excessive in the use of clothing. Like too many colors, too many accessories that are used. Enough for the 3 colors used clothing. No more than 3 accessories are used.

3. Do not ever go shopping alone
When we go shopping alone, automatically we will ask the opinion of the local sales. Where he worked for the place. Surely he would always give a good opinion about the clothes you are going to buy, even if it turns out your clothes are not suitable. So invite at least one friend a guy or woman to give advice.

4. See details
A detailed look at the clothes you want to buy. How the seams, if there is a tear, etc.

5. Have a few pairs of shoes
Do not have 1 pair of shoes. Shoes are definitely going to be used continuously. The result will be quick shoe dirty and damaged. Women in general look of a man cleaning his shoes. They are very sensitive to this. you must have at least one or two pairs of shoes.

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