6 online tools to convert image into icon file

When you built some aplication like web design or desktop application, at the end of developing we always make sure that user interface have some interesting stuff. We can add some button with image or flash. But actually this is not the first important things. The whole process of aplication system is the most important. Image file like jpeg, bmp, gif usually used for user interface. But there is another option, you can use some ico file (icon). You can convert your favourite jpg, gif, png file into the ico with some web online.

These application website provides you to convert another image file into ico file (icon). Its free and simple to use.

1. Convertico

2. Prodraw

3. Coolutils

4. Converthub

5. Ico Converter

6. Icon Verticon

Increase your energy in 10 minutes

The average office employee to work for 6-8 hours per day, plus a break for 1 hour. Apparently, many feel rations were not enough rest. As a result, we often are so tired, but not yet returned. To menyiasatinya, try a short break, 10 minutes. Afterwards, we'll come back energized and the spirit to work. This is what we can do:

1. Exit the room
Solarise your body in the sun for 10 minutes. Exposure to direct sunlight can help the body produce vitamin D and hormone serotonin. This hormone will improve your mood and make us sleep well at night.

2. Up and down the stairs
"Doing this activity for 10 minutes can improve the work of the heart in pumping blood," said Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, of the American Dietetic Association.

3. "Playing" water
This method has been applied to the Romans. Formerly, they undergo a ritual to freshen yourself with diving in cold water pond. For us now, do not have to worry for the pool water. Enough cold water splashed into the face to make your skin refreshed.

4. Set the feng-shui desk
Try to reset the paraphernalia on the desk. Dispose of paper and documents that no longer needed. This activity can improve mood. Plus, the new system table can help us work more efficiently.

source: www.kompas.com

Benefits of dark chocolate

Black is often considered less than the white. However, do not try to use the same formula for dark chocolate. Because the efficacy of dark chocolate is much more than white chocolate. Benefits of dark chocolate is already visible from the womb. As a food, either packaged in the form of a snack-bar and he made directly from the cocoa powder processed with added sugar, milk, and flavouring (flavorings and fragrance).

Cocoa powder plant their own seeds are believed to contain the active ingredient. One of them, gang members flavonoids, epikatekin, which includes powerful antioxidants. Research has proven that, 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate has about 800 milligrams of antioxidants, almost the same amount (or maybe more) with the antioxidants found in a cup of black tea or red wine.

The researchers believe, flavonoid compounds that can neutralize harmful effects of free radicals intent on destroying the cells of body tissues. They believed could suppress the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL, aka bad cholesterol) so as to prevent blockage of the artery vessel wall.

In addition to preventing heart disease, dark chocolate is also believed to protect the body from a stroke. A study at the University of California revealed that dark chocolate prevents blood clotting. As is known, freezing blood is one of the conditions that make someone a stroke.

However, controversy still color the various real benefits of dark chocolate. On the one hand, there's no denying Khasiatnya, especially after it supported a variety of benefits of research and scientific evidence. However, on the other hand, there are many "dark side" of dark chocolate that has not been solved.

That is why, the doctor may recommend patients to eat more dark chocolate, at least for now, still very small. "If traced deeper, dark chocolate still contains too much fat and sugar, to be recommended in a doctor's prescription," said John Erdman, a nutritionist from the University of Illinois, USA.

8 Healthy Diet Tips for Brain and Heart

When you trying to diet, try the best nutrition for your body. You can find some good protein in egg, chicken breast, some seafood etc. Water consumtion also good for your diet program. Water can clean your blood in your body. Apparently the food is good for the heart, better for the brain.

Gary Small, director of the UCLA Memory Clinic in the United States, provides tips on getting the best nutritional benefits to the two important organs in our lives are.

1. Limiting the number of calories
Excess body fat increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Both these degenerative diseases risk of causing a mild stroke in the brain that can make your memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimer's.

2. Eat more good fats
Essential fatty acids that we found in fish help prevent heart vessel blockage. These fatty acids are found in nuts, avocados, canola oil, olive oil.

3. Choose lean meat
For example skinless chicken meat and beef tenderloin. Saturated fat-rich meats such as beef burgers are the cause of heart vessel blockage.

4. Concentrations of the complex carbohydrates
Such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and wheat. These foods beneficial to good cholesterol guard our heart health. In addition, this type of carbohydrate also helps maintain appetite and help burn fat. Vegetables and fruits are also brightly colored antioxidants brain health guardians.

5. Add the turmeric!
Yellow color in the dish that comes from turmeric menyedapkan besides food, is also beneficial to health because the content of curcumin in it. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric is useful as antipembengkakan and antioxidant substances.

6. Green tea and black
Make tea without sugar for the two types of tea are free calories and rich in antioxidants.

7. Wine
Of course as long as you do not have health impediments to drink this style. A glass of wine a day can help protect the brain from decline. So according to studies written in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Red wine also contains antioxidants known.

8. Avoid junk food
Especially snacks that contain high sugar and processed foods. Both cause inflammation in the body and increase blood glucose levels in our

source: www.kompas.com

Two litres of water a day are good for our body?

Our body 90% contains more water. When the body lack of water, they absorb fluid from the brain. If we are constantly dehydrated, your brain will become dry. I can't imagine the situation when our brain is getting dry. More water that we supply to our body, is more better our brain to work. You can doing your activity with more concentration, focus, and relax. Besides good for health, drinking more water is good for our skin.

Our body needs for water is approximately 2 litres a day. If you a smoker, you need more than 2 litre. But you can't supply our body with water too much. You can die, if you doing that. There is some case in U.S which some women drink 7 litres of water a day. Body can't handle that water supply and finally she died.

This is the formula to know how much we drink some water a day.

water ( Litre ) = Your Weight ( Kg ) x 0.033

you can use this formula, so you don't to afraid wheter your water supply is enough or not.
I'am Iwan Ardianzah, a rookie blogger who still learning to make a good content of blog. This blog is use to sharing an information that can improve our personality. Please enjoy my article and have fun!

Listening music according to your mood

When you listening your favourite music, usually your feel much better than before. You 'll be more relax, fun, or maybe sleep well. Personally i always listening music everyday. Actually on my office room. when my job is getting harder or more worst, it is make me stress for a while. Automatically my mood changes into a bad mood. Only my playlist on my phone that can make my mood changes to a better mood. There is some web apps to solved this problem. You can visit AUPEO, a web apps that provide music playlist which you play it with your mood desires.

There is some mood here, such as Happy, Fun, Dramatic, Stressful, melancholic, Aggressive, Energetic, Relaxing, Danceable, Calm. You can choose one of these mood. When you choose, playslist automatically provide
music that match for the mood. So, are you ready to swing your mood?

11 technique to sharpen your brain

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, has examined the brain of rats. They found that rat brain grew by 4 percent when they were forced to perform mental tasks every day, such as looking for a way out of a winding alley, climbing stairs, and socialize with other rats.Well, just a mouse brain can be trained to grow, especially the human brain. The more trained, our brains must be more sharply. Memory loss in a certain amount at any age is normal, just as the changes in other organs. Just do not lazy to diligently train our brain to stay strong memory of all time.

Here's how:

1. Practice observing capabilities. Note the surrounding environment. Record in your mind what you see, starting from the simplest and continued with a more complex observations.

2. Sharpen the senses. Can be trained to distinguish the taste of food likes and what does not. Recognizing the smell and aroma around or noises in the street or maybe feeling hot or cold air around you.

3. Memorize the name of his friends and pair the phone number. There are few who can remember? Practice in order to remember more.

4. Learn something new. Many read and acquainted with other things that may not be your field, can be a foreign language, knowledge of computers, and others.

5. Use your hands to follow the instructions of the brain. For example play the guitar, typing without looking at the keys, doing crafts of wood, or practice writing smooth.

6. Practice your hobby. Use the opportunity to develop your hobby.

7. Learn and memorize important dates, concerned family members, friends, or a particular celebration.

8. Memorize something you like. Could be it poetry, song, words from a book or the words of someone. As much as possible also try to phrase used is a foreign language.

9. Exercise memorize a long sequence of numbers lined up, for example 32145687390282930498. This is a form of exercise to improve short-term memory. Do it by grouping or split the numbers into several parts, such as 7390282 and 3214568 then the last 930,498.

10. Remember personal travel. What are you doing an hour ago, last week on Wednesday at 10.00, for example. With whom, where, and so on.

11. Remember and thorough re daily expenses. What did you buy yesterday? How much money is in your wallet right now? When did you last get cash, and so on.

These exercises will allow the brain cells remain active and connective tissue between cells of the brain the meeting. Challenging mental activities increase the number of active circuits, or synapses in the brain. The more circuits, more and more associations, the greater the ability to remember

source: www.kompas.com

Check your password strength

Password is use for personal security. If your password is not strong enough, it is not impossible that someone will hack your password easily. You must create a strong password for a better security. Have you got some strong password? You can check your password strength at www.passwordmeter.com On this site you will know whether your passwod is strong or weak enough.

This tools is designed to measure your pasword strength. If your password is weak, they suggest some string that can be some strength password if you use it. When you enter your desire password there is some score that you can view . If your score reach about 100%, some hacker maybe will be dizzy to found your password.

Google news with trending topic

On last friday, google has been launching new feature in Google News. Some trending topic for several country. But unfortunately from my own country Indonesia is not available at this moment. With this feature everyone can track some news which has a potential content. A news that booming in some country include the U.S I am sure that on the next future google will more increasing the feature of this site

This is some statement from spokesperson for Google , Chris Gaither "At
Google , we run anywhere from 50 to 200 experiments at any given time on our websites all over the world. Right now, we are running a small test of a new google News homepage design" . We just can waiting about what next that google will do about this site.

Some good nutrition for your brain

Decrease the brain's performance can be experienced by anyone. Even those who were aged 30s. In order to function properly, the brain needs a balanced supply of nutrients.All the nutrients that are used by the body to produce essential substances called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This compound releases the stored energy to generate neurotransmitters, distribute proteins into cells and helps deliver electrical impulses.

To work the brain needs energy. Its source is glucose in the blood. The brain also requires amino acids, folic acid and vitamins and minerals.

Preferred amino acid for the brain is glutamate. He serves as a transmitter in more than half of the nerve terminals in the brain. Amino acids found in abundance in egg yolks, fresh milk, liver, and cheese. Also in yeast, some types of nuts, soybeans, and cereals.

In addition to amino acids and vitamins, the hormones estrogen is also useful to support the brain works. These hormones can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease in postmenopausal women.

Studies on laboratory mice showed that magnesium supplements were given an extra dose of a long-term memory better and have better learning abilities than mice who were not given magnesium.

"Both the young and old rats, magnesium increase the plasticity of synapses (connections between neuoron) and increase the density of synapses in the hippocampus, part of the brain involved in memory and learning ability," said Guosong Liu, director of the Center for Learning and Memory at Tsinghua University , Beijing, China.

Magnesium is a vital mineral that can be found in green vegetables, especially spinach. Magnesium also plays an important role in the formation of the body's immune system.

But before you buy supplements of magnesium, it should be noted also that this research is still preliminary and need further verification. In addition, the results of testing on animals is not always the same effect in humans.

source: www.kompas.com

Watch movies online can reduce your expense

If you like movie, but you are lazy out from the house, you can handle it now. There is many websites that provide services to watch movies online for free. But your internet connection must be good. This can reduce your expenses to see a movie. Maybe this is only one way to improve your viewing pleasure. But personally I still like watching movies at the cinema directly or theater.

You can Click Here to Watch Movies Online For Free. This website provides several categories such as action films, animation, documentary, romance, sports, tv show, and others. So enjoy the movie guys!

5 tips fashion for men

When we want to go somewhere, we need to match the clothes that we use in place we visit. Example, when we want to go to a party we have to wear a suit and shirt. When we went to the beach, of course, we use casual clothes, etc. As a man who love to socialize, of course, we also must be clever in the art of dressing. Because the first impression is important. When we look good in front of people, that person would have to respect us, or may be directly interested with us.

Here are some tips you can do when you want to change clothes for yourself.

1. Fit with your body
Baggy clothes will make you look like a child. Customize shirts with your posture, but also should not be too small.

2. Make it simple
Do not be too excessive in the use of clothing. Like too many colors, too many accessories that are used. Enough for the 3 colors used clothing. No more than 3 accessories are used.

3. Do not ever go shopping alone
When we go shopping alone, automatically we will ask the opinion of the local sales. Where he worked for the place. Surely he would always give a good opinion about the clothes you are going to buy, even if it turns out your clothes are not suitable. So invite at least one friend a guy or woman to give advice.

4. See details
A detailed look at the clothes you want to buy. How the seams, if there is a tear, etc.

5. Have a few pairs of shoes
Do not have 1 pair of shoes. Shoes are definitely going to be used continuously. The result will be quick shoe dirty and damaged. Women in general look of a man cleaning his shoes. They are very sensitive to this. you must have at least one or two pairs of shoes.

Another funny movies at youcrazytube.com

Sometimes people like to do funny things. That happens because there are several reasons. Maybe they want to find a sensation or want to be famous just by doing something funny. I have never done funny things in my life. But that does not mean I do not want to do it, maybe one day if I was ready mentally. If you want to see some funny movies and entertaining action, you can visit youcrazytube.com. Maybe it could be a consolation when we are stressed by our jobs.

Maybe you can watch this video, its make me laugh.

Check your English article grammar!

When we write some article in english version, do you ever have some trouble with your grammar? If you have a blog with english content, as a writer or blogger, we actually have to pay attention for this. So, when readers visiting your blog, they can understand very well about your article that have been written. When you follow a paid review program, is very important that your article have a good grammar. Because they never pay you if your article have a bad grammar.

You can visit spellcheckplus.com to check the grammar of your article. This tool is very usefull especially for you who still learning in writing an english article for your blog. You only copy paste your artice into the text box, and then click check test to view which paragraph that have a wrong grammar. It is free for using and simple. Enjoy these tools for better english article

Another media to publish your article

I have been using many submission service to publish my article. such as digg, delicious, stumblepon, etc. The article that have you been written will be read by many people. If your article is good, your article will become famous. other media that provide this service is PubArticles, its a Free Article Submission Service. If your article is good, your article will become famous. other media that provide this service is PubArticles. Here you can publish your article quickly. Many readers will immediately reading your article. In addition you will get a lot of traffic from the visitors who come to your blog / your website.

First, you need to sign up before you want to publish your article. After that, you can publish your article for free. So, publish your article and get more traffic with PubArticles.

Best content management system (CMS) that can be used

As a programmer or web designer we always using script for build a system which based on web. Another way to building a good website is using a framework. But using a framework you must have a advance skill in programming. Framefork still using script and coding which is usually doing by a programmer. Now, you can make a good website without using script or framework that it can makes you dizzy. A content management system (CMS) is another way to bulid good website. CMS can help a newbie to make a website like a professional website.

On 2009, i use joomla to built my office website. I was a newbie on that year. But i began to exploring joomla cms with my office partner. Finally, about 3 month. i already advance to using joomla cms. i think joomla cms much better than other cms. Beside joomla. There is some cms that can be use very well. such as,

and many more. Now yo can easily to built website with some cms above.

Djembe drums is an african instruments

Do you ever heard Djembe drums? It is a musical instrument from Africa. These instruments like percussion instruments. Made of wood and leather. To play it must be a slap in the membrane skin. So that the sound will come out from the slap. If you want to learn this instrument, of course, you must have this instrument. Djembe Drum Shop provides instrument with good quality and cheap.

Djembe Drums Shop provides several types of drums such as Djembe

  1. Medium Djembe
  2. Small Djembe
  3. Africa Pro Series of Djembes
  4. Jammer Djembe
  5. Hand Held Djembes
  6. Fibreglass Djembes
  7. Accessories
  8. Percussion Musical Instruments

So if you want to learn this african instrument, do not be afraid to not have other musical equipment. Djembe drum shop provides all this stuff.

Change your blogger template at themescook

Themescook is a blog template provider. Especially for blogger.com. You can select the type of template you want. There are several types of model templates that you can use there. like a 2 column template, 4 column, Magazine, Adsense, right sidebar, minimalist and others. All these templates can be downloaded for free. Also you can submits template at Themescook.

please visit this website to start looking for the template you want