How to block twitter retweet?

For those of you who using twitter, have you bothered with "retweet" that exist in your timeline? if you feel annoyed, you can perform block the "retweet" with an existing application in TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a twitter client application that can be used on PC and on my Iphone. TweetDeck application have a Global Filter feature. If you do not already have it, you can simply try it by downloading the application here. By using a global filter, you can perform a block of words, or username.

Here's how to do these blocks,

1. If TweetDeck already installed on your computer, open TweetDeck application, and select the setting.

2. Select the Global filters.

3. Then in the "Containing Words", you type "RT"

4. Finally, click "Save settings".

Once you do that, on your timeline, words containing "RT" will be automatically blocked. You can also make a block against the username or any other words.

Payment proof from Microworkers

Microworkers is a portal that links between employers and workers on the internet. Employers generally provide some small or simple job, called microjobs. You can register for free, but you may only have one account. In my opinion, there is fairly easy job. Payment process can also be trusted. Because in sending a PIN, they send it to the home address, not to an email address. Here is the proof of payment I received from microworkers


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Is it true that beer makes your stomach distended?

There are many people who say that the consumption of beer can make the stomach becomes distended, especially if the drink were male and aged. But is beer really make someone's stomach becomes bloated? Apparently not all beer drinkers had a distended stomach, because these conditions are also influenced by other factors including lifestyle and how often the person's physical activity.

One factor that can make a person has a distended belly is a result of calorie intake too much, thus changing the size of the waist. Calories into the body can come from drinks beer, sweet drinks or large portions of food that can increase the fat in the abdomen.

"Overall, alcohol consumption associated with larger waist sizes. Because when people drink beer, then the liver or liver will replace the alcohol into fat," said Michael Jensen, MD, endocrinologists and obesity researcher at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as quoted from WebMD, Friday (07/16/2010).

Because of that beer can also be blamed because of the calories in alcohol is very easy to excess. A beer can has 150 calories and if someone is more often in a sitting position, it will be very easy for those calories to accumulate in the stomach. Besides calories from food consumed along with beer also contribute to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

When someone consuming more calories than a release, then the excess calories will be stored as fat. For the storage of fat is influenced by age, gender and hormones. Because more women store fat on the arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen, whereas for men more store in the abdomen.

Which accumulates in the abdominal fat is associated with various health problems, ranging from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure to cardiovascular disease. Because of excessive beer consumption not only affects the nerves in his brain, but the calories contained in it can make a person has a distended abdomen.


Slim body also have a risk of disease

Many disease come from excess weight. But according to recent research, slim and slender person can even have dangerous levels of fat in their bodies. Slim body is not always healthy. This is a conclusion which was obtained based on research conducted British Medical Research Council. In that study, researchers used MRI scans of the body to show that people can have a super slim internal high levels of fat around the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Such people are called 'skinny-fat', which also has a dangerous health risk.

"The fat appeared in the fat is subcutaneous fat. But the truth is more dangerous is visceral fat or fat that is not visible but it surrounds vital organs," explained Dr. Ron McCoy, a spokeswoman based in Melbourne for the Royal College of Australian doctors, as reported of Indiavision, Tuesday (07/13/2010).

Dr. McCoy said that visceral fat is fat that is metabolized by the liver, which converted to cholesterol. Cholesterol circulates in the blood and can accumulate in the arteries, which eventually lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Visceral fat is also believed to produce more hormones and proteins than subcutaneous fat, thus affecting glucose levels, causing the emergence of type-2 diabetes and other health problems like heart disease.

Why slim people can accumulate in body fat?

1. Lack of physical exercise is the biggest reason
"If your body does not move, it can not build fat metabolism, both external (subcutaneous fat) or in the (fat visceral)," Sam said Mower, an exercise physiologist.

2. Poor diet
"If you eat foods high in saturated fats, like butter, cheese, cakes and biscuits, nearly all stored as visceral fat," concluded Mower.

Acne and anti aging treatment for facial skin

Face is the most important thing for women in terms of appearance. They could spend a lot of money to care for her face. Not only women, now men are also started to care about his appearances. They also started doing facials. Facial skin is very sensitive. If the skin of their faces are rarely treated and cleaned, acne and blackheads, are a few examples of problems that will often arise. In the previous article, I wrote about tips to overcome some problems on the skin. If you've done, there would be some positive changes that occurred.

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Spain goal video in world cup final 2010

World Cup 2010 has ended. The event which took place on the African continent was won by Spain by beating the Netherlands by a score of 1-0. Spain goal in the final world cup this time is also very classy. Spain goal in the final world cup 2010 was scored by the Spanish midfielder, Andreas Iniesta. For those of you who have not had time to see the Spanish Goal in World Cup finals in 2010, following the video spain goal in the 2010 World Cup finals.

Spain Goal Video in World Cup 2010 was uploaded on youtube. If this video does not appear, please download it here with FLV format. Once again, congratulations for spanish as a new champion in 2010 FIFA World Cup.

7 secrets of man's brain

male brainMan brain has some differences with women. Many people say that the male brain is only based on logic. They just kept thinking without emotion. But in reality there are some unique things on his brain. Male brains are not always full of things about sex, male brain may also respond to things that are quite emotional. There are several sensors that make men also become more emotional. The following are seven secrets of the brain that are owned by men.

1. More emotional
Women are known to be more emotional. When in fact he also had a strong emotional reaction, but that was before they realized their feelings.

In a study published in the journal Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, is known as a man aware of or recognize the feelings of his heart, they will direct a look flat. No wonder they are considered more "powerful" emotion.

2. Not stand alone
Although there are certain moments in life that make us feel lonely, it turns out his own feelings is more excruciating for men. The study mentions loneliness can cause health problems.

Therefore, men who have a stable relationship tend to be more healthy, long life, and have a stress-fighting hormone levels higher. Their study, published in the journal Biology of Reproduction in 2009 stated that married men have a fertility rate which is longer than men singles.

3. Focus on solutions
Many people believe that women are good to cry because they are easy to empathize. Lo "empathy system" in the brain men also respond when other people look stressed or troubled. However, other parts of the brain that focus on immediate solutions dominate.

"With immediate solutions to immediate problems emerged in the male brain," said Dr.Louann Brizendine, clinical psychologist from Univesity of California, USA. As a result, he will be more focus to offer solutions rather than show solidarity or empathy for others' feelings.

4. Easily tempted
The hormone testosterone is closely linked with aggressive behavior and violence. However, this hormone also regulates the libido. In men, testosterone is the amount of six times more than in women. That's why more men than women are obsessed to sex.

5. Possessive
In the theory of evolution, one man's duty is to defend his territory. Research in mice shows the brain areas "defend territories" is more extensive than in the female animal brains. Although women also have a tendency to possessiveness, but the man did not hesitate to use the relative strength when their territory, can be a family or lover, is threatened.

6. Liking hierarchy
Unclear hierarchy can bring anxiety for men. They will have problems deciding who is the most powerful. Therefore, a command system, as practiced by the military or corporate organizations, will mitigate the effect of testosterone and male aggression curb.

7. Ready to be a father
At the time of pregnancy, not only the prospective mother's hormones are changing, but also the prospective father. In men also will increase the hormone prolactin and decreased testosterone. In other words, the male brain changes also occur in such a way that makes it ready to welcome prospective baby.

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Why stress makes you fat?

Many people complain when exposed to stress, because it will cause weight gain. Why did it happen? When your body in a state of stress, the body will be difficult to make healthy eating habits. Either because you do not have time to prepare healthy foods, do not have time, or difficult to meet the emotional needs so that your body is often too stretchy. Hormones apparently play a part in raising the weight when you are in a state of stress. Cortisol is a hormone that is important for the body. Normally, cortisol is released by the adrenal glands in a pattern called a diurnal variation. Cortisol levels in the blood stream varies depending on time (normally, cortisol is at the highest level in the morning and lowest around midnight)

Cortisol is very important to maintain blood pressure and also in generating energy for the body. In addition, cortisol also stimulates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates to quickly produce energy and stimulate the release of insulin and maintain blood sugar levels. The end result of this sequence is an increase in appetite.

Cortisol was named as the "stress hormone" because of the excessive expenditure of cortisol can occur as a result of either physical or psychological stress that occurs at the expense of cortisol and interference can trigger weight gain.

Not only that, but cortisol also affect which areas will increase. Several studies have shown that increased cortisol due to stress increased fat storage in the abdominal area than your hips. Fat accumulation is referred to as toxic fat 'because the addition of fat in the abdominal area is often associated with an increased risk of heart problems, including heart attack and stroke.

But that should not be forgotten, metabolic factors, dietary intake, the number olahrga, type of food consumed, and the time pengonsumsian foods are also influential in improving the body's metabolism and lose weight.

Not everyone is in a state of stress will result in high cortisol and weight gain can not be predicted. Increased cortisol levels are highly variable among individuals.

Fat people in Asia are susceptible to cancer

Fat ManThis is a warning to those who are overweight. Results of a large study in Asia said that those who are overweight or obese are more likely to suffer from cancer than those who weighed normal.Kegemukan rated as one risk factor for several types of cancer in the West. But until now not yet clear whether obesity raises the risk the same for Asians.Research was conducted to determine the association of obesity and cancer in Asia. The experts involved 401 215 people in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand for four years in research.

The study states, compared to normal weight respondents, the suffering from obesity for a possible 21 percent more likely to die from cancer. Meanwhile, those who are overweight face the possibility of a six percent higher.

Research also states, respondents who are overweight are vulnerable to several types of cancers such as colon, rectum, breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate and leukemia.

"Those who are overweight and obesity in the Asia-Pacific region significantly increased risk of dying from cancer," the researchers wrote in the journal The Lancet Oncology, Wednesday (30/06/2010).

"The new strategy is needed to tackle the obesity epidemic in Asia in order to prevent the increasing burden of cancer in this region," said group of researchers led by Christine Parr from the University of Oslo in Norway.

In recent decades, there have been increasing rapidly the number of overweight people in many Asian countries. This phenomenon is triggered by rising prosperity and urbanization. Those who move to big cities become less movement and disciplined eating foods that contain fat.