Creative Living Cabins

Creative Living Cabins - The rustic comfort of a cozy log cabin is something that has to be experienced. It has a feeling all its own. There is nothing quite like sitting down in front of a cheery fireplace with a blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate. Equally relaxing is the pleasure that comes from taking a nap in a cabin loft with the rain falling gently on the metal roof.

The Plan Collection offers a large selection of Log Cabin House Plans big and small. The cabin above is GHD-1021. This wonderful Log Home Plan has almost the exact same layout as the one we stayed in. I can't tell you how much fun it was to go out and look at the stars from the upstairs balcony, or to laugh and enjoy the company of friends and family while sitting around the kitchen island/eating bar.

Log cabins aren't for everyone. One thing I noticed during our stay in West Yellowstone was that, due to the fact that heat rises, the second story loft and bedrooms seemed to get very warm very quickly while the main floor stayed somewhat chilly. That wasn't a huge problem (it gives you a good excuse to snuggle up close with someone you care about), but it is something you should keep in mind.

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