7 Tips to reduce Insomnia

7 tips to reduce insomnia
Intensive activities were sometimes take time to sleep, even more for someone who has high mobility with a high density of activities as well. So time to sleep even less likely to be irregular. Well this disorder became the beginning of the problem of insomnia or trouble sleeping. For some people insomnia is often regarded as troublesome diseases that can even say excruciating because while other people easily soundly asleep, insomnia is very difficult to close my eyes let alone to sleep.

Here are some steps or tips to overcome insomnia or difficulty sleeping, without having to use drugs, but only with simple ways you can do yourself:

1. At first set bedtime and wake up on a regular basis. Sleeping at the time of changing to a loss in the standby condition. As a result the body is always in a state of tension. If you have the specified time to sleep and wake up, should be obeyed.

2. If someone is difficult to sleep, not advisable to sleep during the day. Sleep during the day will reduce the need to sleep at night. As a result sleep at night will often awake.

3. The bed should be used only for sleeping and not in use for other activities. For example watching TV, writing and so on.

4. Do not use electronic devices such as mobile phones before bed.

5. Exercise can help overcome insomnia. Doing sports in the afternoon or after sunset.

6. Avoid certain foods and drinks are like sweet foods, should be avoided before bed, so beverages that contain alcohol, tea and coffee.

7. Recommended a hot bath and drink warm milk before bed and lower the lights or turn off the lights in the room.

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Good teeth brushing tips

A good brushing will make your teeth look healthier and brighter. When I was 13 years old, my teacher once told me that brushing your teeth is good for 3 minutes. But many people are brushing teeth less than 3 minutes. The way you brush your teeth can cause false teeth become sensitive. To get the teeth and mouth hygiene is optimal, note also how to brush teeth properly. Correct tooth brushing is at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bed at night. At bedtime, decreased saliva production, causing an atmosphere of acid in the mouth. If there was food debris on teeth, the mouth more acidic, and bacteria will flourish and make a hole in the tooth. With brushing, the nature of these acids can be prevented.

Then brush your teeth at the front with up and down. To the side teeth, brush with a circular motion with some brush on the teeth and partly on the gums. This movement gives massage the gums that can accelerate blood circulation in the gums.

While brushing your teeth part in the direction from bottom to top to the bottom teeth and from top to bottom to the top teeth. The length of the recommended brushing time is about 2 minutes and reach all tooth surfaces to prevent accumulation of food debris causes plaque.

For complete tips about brushing tips, you can read some this usefull ebook. Talk about best dental health.


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New's resolution of using P90X

Everyone wants the ideal body. But most of them are lazy to do the process. They want instant results and quick. However, It is impossible. To form a good body, we need to go through the process and takes time. How long does it take to make a good body shape? It depends on how active you are doing exercises for your body. It usually takes about 6-12 months. But now, there are new solutions to shorten the time. extremebodyworkout.com provides a solution with a product called P90x. An exercise program that can shape your body within 90 days.

This program is not a simple exercise. Many exercises to do for your body shape in 90 days. With P90x, you can do exercises at home. This product is equipped with the Power 90 Master Series, DVD video that will help you in the process of training. I think the training programs provided by this extremebodyworkout.com good enough. You do not need to hire a instructor to help you in practice.

You can do these exercises alone with guided several existing video. With regular practice and consistent, this 90-day program will be successful. I think it is interesting enough to try

For women who smoked, the risk of early menopause nearly doubled

Women who smoke, it is possible to begin to enter menopause before the age of 45 years and also make them face the risk of osteoporosis and heart attacks, researchers reported on Norway. "Among many as 2123 women aged 59 to 60 years, women who currently smoked, 59% more likely to experience premature menopause compared with women who did not smoke," said Dr. Thea F. Mikkelsen of the University of Oslo and colleagues.

For women smokers, the risk of early menopause nearly doubled. However, women who formerly smoked, but stopped 10 years will be delayed menopause. There is evidence that women who smoke to make him more likely to experience premature menopause, while smokers who quit before middle age may not be affected, Mikkelsen and his team said in the journal Free, BMC Public Health.

They examine the relationship further and determine whether exposure to secondhand smoke may also affect the time of menopause. The researchers found that nearly 10% of women enter menopause before the age of 45 years.

As many as 25% were current smokers, 28.7% were former smokers and 35.2% reported current passive smokers. Current smokers were 59% more likely to enter premature menopause almost two times more common among women who smoked the most.

But women who had quit smoking at least a decade before menopause is 87% more likely than their peers who currently smoked and had entered early menopause.

Compared with married women, widows also face an increased risk of early menopause, as well as women who said their health conditions worse. More educated women less likely to enter premature menopause, but they were also less likely to be smokers.

Involvement in social activities also reduce the risk of premature menopause. The researchers found no link between coffee or alcohol consumption or passive smokers with risk of premature menopause.

"The sooner a woman stops smoking," said Mikkelsen and his team, "More protection which he got in connection with the arrival of early menopause".

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Six Common Causes of Headaches

Cause of headache attacks not only from the noise or the stress of work deadlines. There are several causes of headache attacks. I usually take some local medicine to solve this headache problems. When the headache still continue, i am directly go to the doctor. Headache always disturbing me, even i was sleeping. You can avoid it by knowing what the cause.

1. Anxiety

When you feel anxious to the extreme, you'll tend to feel a headache.

2. Glare

Relax your eyes. The light is too blinding both from exposure to sunlight, the light, until the TV or computer monitor cause pressure on your eye muscles, causing headaches.

3. Sleeping and Eating Patterns

Pay attention to when you should eat and when to sleep. Skipping breakfast or fasting without preparation may cause your headaches. Especially for those who decide to not eat anything and sleep less or more than 7-9 hours a day. Your sleep patterns, including nap, very important.

4. Drugs

Some medications that you do, can be a potential attack for you to get headaches. If you feel that your headache felt as a side effect of treatment is very annoying, ask your doctor to change medication without side effects or with a lighter.

5. Physical Activity

How heavy physical exercise can make muscles in the head, neck, scalp and even more blood needs to circulate. This can make your blood vessels to swell. This is what is called exertional headaches.

6. Hormones

For women who are experiencing menstrual cycle, headaches and migraines are associated with estrogen hormone levels in the body. If the hormone estrogen in your body fluctuate, then the possibility of a headache attack will happen to you.


5 Things to solved face skin problems

Skin Face TreatmentSometimes we forget the little things or trivial impact large enough for our skin. In fact, if we want to get used to change bad habits or the nature of our lazy, could face skin free from problems. The face skin type that we have is different from body skin. Skin face need little bit more treatment. Because it sensitive with the weather, food, and many more. You have to know which kind of your face skin type before you use some cream, lotion or medicine for your skin face.

Here is a custom skin care around the needs to be changed:

1. Using very hot water when washing the face

Hot water can cause inflammation of the face. Wash face with hot water will also open the pores of the face and make the skin pores difficult to close again. Finally, we face looks like an orange skin with pores that are wide.

If the pores enlarged face, dirt easily enter into the pores and cause acne or blackheads. The solution: use cold water to wash his face again after using warm water so that the pores of the face back to normal.

2. Ordinary soap to wash her face

Facial cleansers have been adapted to the needs of women with skin pH (acidity level of the skin) are balanced so that it can resolve the issue or problem skin. While regular soap (bath soap) usually have a different pH so that it can damage the skin condition.

Do not use soap to wash baby's face. This type of soap is not suitable for your skin condition as a baby soap is formulated to cope with dry skin usually occurs in babies' skin. If your skin is normal or oily likely, it will make the skin problem was growing.

3. To touch the face of the freshly cleaned by hand

The hand is the source for skin diseases. Through hand, will be transferred a number of germs that can cause acne, blackheads, and even infection.

4. Using moisturizer without clean face

Use a moisturizer immediately after cleaning the face. At that time the pores are open so that the face moisturizer can be easily absorbed by the skin.

5. Too much spicy food

Spicy foods will stimulate a number of bacteria in the skin to grow fast so that your skin will continue to acne. Occasionally avoid spicy foods.

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