Doing sit up everyday is not enough.

Already doing sit-ups with routine every day but still stacks visible belly fat? If so, it helps complete with weight training exercises on the abdominal muscles and surrounding areas.According to dr. Suharto, Sp.KO, DPH, sports medicine specialist and secretary general antiaging Indonesian Medical Association (PERKAPI), sit-ups are going to improve your abdominal muscles, but very little effect on fat thickness. Appropriate exercise for the stomach a double, will be more effective if accompanied by efforts to reduce overall fat.

The steps by Suharto is, measuring the total amount of fat in the body. If found levels are excessive, then we also have to reduce food intake. Plus at the same time, also do weight training on abdominal muscles and surrounding muscles systematically.

Sample workouts besides crunches sit-ups is to train the upper abdominal muscles. The trick, lie on the floor and place your calves on a flat bench. Make sure the distance between the bench with your thighs perpendicular to the floor. Place both hands beside his head and slowly lift your upper body until your thighs touch. Hold for a few moments, just returned to the starting position. Perform this movement 8-16 times as many reps (1-2 sessions).

After this practice the lower abdomen by lying on the floor and bend your legs. Straighten your arms in front of our chests. Then we lift the body upward while directing both knees to your chest. Hold for a few moments and returned to the starting position. Perform this movement as much as 1-2 sessions.

If deemed necessary, accompanied calorie diet program is a total negative when combined with exercise. That is, Suharto number of calories burned by exercise must be greater than what is eaten. Do also a schedule for measuring the thickness of fat on a regular basis. The goal by Soeharto was to determine the change in body fat content.

In principle, form by involving the entire abdominal muscles become soft spot accumulate fat. And do not forget to apply the discipline of food.


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