Two litres of water a day are good for our body?

Our body 90% contains more water. When the body lack of water, they absorb fluid from the brain. If we are constantly dehydrated, your brain will become dry. I can't imagine the situation when our brain is getting dry. More water that we supply to our body, is more better our brain to work. You can doing your activity with more concentration, focus, and relax. Besides good for health, drinking more water is good for our skin.

Our body needs for water is approximately 2 litres a day. If you a smoker, you need more than 2 litre. But you can't supply our body with water too much. You can die, if you doing that. There is some case in U.S which some women drink 7 litres of water a day. Body can't handle that water supply and finally she died.

This is the formula to know how much we drink some water a day.

water ( Litre ) = Your Weight ( Kg ) x 0.033

you can use this formula, so you don't to afraid wheter your water supply is enough or not.

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