Best content management system (CMS) that can be used

As a programmer or web designer we always using script for build a system which based on web. Another way to building a good website is using a framework. But using a framework you must have a advance skill in programming. Framefork still using script and coding which is usually doing by a programmer. Now, you can make a good website without using script or framework that it can makes you dizzy. A content management system (CMS) is another way to bulid good website. CMS can help a newbie to make a website like a professional website.

On 2009, i use joomla to built my office website. I was a newbie on that year. But i began to exploring joomla cms with my office partner. Finally, about 3 month. i already advance to using joomla cms. i think joomla cms much better than other cms. Beside joomla. There is some cms that can be use very well. such as,

and many more. Now yo can easily to built website with some cms above.

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van said...

kayaknya ane milih joomla dehh...lebih kerenn..

ardianz said...

joomla emg keren., tapi terkadang masih blm fleksibel sob

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