Six Common Causes of Headaches

Cause of headache attacks not only from the noise or the stress of work deadlines. There are several causes of headache attacks. I usually take some local medicine to solve this headache problems. When the headache still continue, i am directly go to the doctor. Headache always disturbing me, even i was sleeping. You can avoid it by knowing what the cause.

1. Anxiety

When you feel anxious to the extreme, you'll tend to feel a headache.

2. Glare

Relax your eyes. The light is too blinding both from exposure to sunlight, the light, until the TV or computer monitor cause pressure on your eye muscles, causing headaches.

3. Sleeping and Eating Patterns

Pay attention to when you should eat and when to sleep. Skipping breakfast or fasting without preparation may cause your headaches. Especially for those who decide to not eat anything and sleep less or more than 7-9 hours a day. Your sleep patterns, including nap, very important.

4. Drugs

Some medications that you do, can be a potential attack for you to get headaches. If you feel that your headache felt as a side effect of treatment is very annoying, ask your doctor to change medication without side effects or with a lighter.

5. Physical Activity

How heavy physical exercise can make muscles in the head, neck, scalp and even more blood needs to circulate. This can make your blood vessels to swell. This is what is called exertional headaches.

6. Hormones

For women who are experiencing menstrual cycle, headaches and migraines are associated with estrogen hormone levels in the body. If the hormone estrogen in your body fluctuate, then the possibility of a headache attack will happen to you.


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Unknown said...

In their book, Heal Your Headache: the 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain, by David Buchholz and Stephen G. Reich M.D. state that all headaches are variations of the same thing. We’ve just decided categorize them into different headings based on how they manifest themselves.
Although they’ve had great success altering diet to fix headaches, I’ve had great success at correcting musculoskeletal causes of neck pain and headaches. It turns out it’s quite simple for most people. This is outlined in my book, Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches.
Because of this and other items I’ve read, I believe that headaches are a threshold phenomenon. What I mean by this is above a certain threshold of stress, we experience headaches. Three of the stresses that can cause us to break this threshold are dietary, musculoskeletal, and psychological.
Some people are more sensitive to certain stresses than others. Keeping any one or all three of these stressors under control seems to relieve all types of headaches. I’ve also posted two tests for neck pain and headaches on YouTube if you’re interested.

Rick Olderman

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