The Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One - When I read the papers I got the news about the smartphone that was released by Google. His name is "Google Phone Nexus One". This smartphone is the first phone that is fully designed and powered by Google. Google Phone Nexus is built with Android OS 2.1 and was released early in January of 2010. If observed, this phone has the latest technology and faster than similar phones that use the Motorola's Android OS Droid.

"Google Phone Nexus One" are still made in the body HTC cell phone but not on the HTC logo. This is because it is supported entirely by Goggle in terms of hardware and software design of the Android 2.1

For media camera, this smartphone has a 5 MP equipped with flash, LED, autofocus and digital zoom, there is also a 3.5 mm jack to be connected to a sound device for listening to music. Google Phone Nexus One difference with the iPhone is a smartphone is thinner, because Nexus is not in lock or unlock a free call using any operator.

The blog directory

Blog directory - For blog owners, review of a product or website is one activity that is often done. In addition to making money, these activities can add to our knowledge. Usually a blog review requires its authors to use English in writing. If you are still not fluent in using the English language you can use tools provided by google. In addition you can also find references in blog directory.

The Forum Buzzr

The Forum Buzzr - forumbuzzr It is a forum based website. This forum provides a variety of information that was hot. In this forum, all information provided is presented every 30 minutes. I am sure this forum will become a major forums in the future. Due to the current needs for information are numerous. So it's good you always follow all of the information provided in this forum.

Finding job using google maps

Finding job using google maps - Getting the job that you like is the thing that everyone wants. But still many people who have difficulty in finding a job. These problems occur because the person is lacking a lot of friends and information. Less accurate information on job vacancies is also a constraint. There have been many many websites that provide services in providing information on job vacancies. But website has a different innovation. They provide local jobs search using google maps technology.

This is a very good thing. Since it is very easy for job seekers in finding the destination address. Here is a screen shoot

Silly Bandz Rubber

Silly Bandz Rubber - Silly Bandz is one brand of accessories that are made of rubber. The form of Silly Bandz can resemble various objects such as letters, animals and others. In addition, Silly Bandz have a very unique color. So you can get many colors you want. Accessories, was first launched in 2002. Sold online in the area of Alabama. Silly band function like a regular bracelet, and when taken off they revert to their original shape. They are often worn many at a time and are traded like collectables. They can also be used for their original intent—as a regular rubber band or hair tie.

The following are some examples of silly bandz