6 tips to avoid stroke

6 tips to avoid stroke - Stroke disease usually occurs in the early age of 40 years. The disease is caused due to an interruption in blood supply to the brain. If the brain is deprived of blood, triggering the occurrence of bio-chemical reaction. Bio-chemical reaction is what will cause brain cells to die and do not work. Stroke is a disease that is very dangerous and highly feared by the people in the United States. Therefore, we should begin to prevent it early. Here are 6 tips to prevent stroke.

Turn off cigarettes

If you stop smoking, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced by half. However, do not reduce cigarette. Smoke a lot or a little basically the same. You have to stop it altogether.

Check your blood pressure

Stroke occurs when blood vessels of the brain breaks or loose pieces of atherosclerotic plaque and block blood flow to the brain. Stroke is more common in people with high blood pressure. Research shows that controlling high blood pressure can cut the risk of stroke by 40 percent. In this case the blood pressure of 140/85 is considered high.

Reduce weight

If the weight goes up, then the increase is mostly fatty tissue. Excess fat is also associated with increasing bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Over time, these blood fat changes had a role in the formation of fatty deposits (plaques) in arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Weight loss slightest definitely beneficial to health.

A time to exercise self

Less body movement adds a risk factor for suffering a stroke. Research shows people who start exercising regularly between the ages of 15-25 years have a smaller risk to suffer a stroke than those who do not exercise.

Expand fiber

Limit your intake of all types of fat, including red meat and fried foods, and replace it with a soluble fiber that can lower total cholesterol. Foods that contain soluble fiber, such as oatmeal, beans, class oranges, strawberries, and apples.

Avoid stress

Happiness is like music to the cardiovascular system. Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch, United States, mentioning, among the elderly, those who have a positive and happy mood less frequently affected by stroke. The researchers said that happy people generally have the spirit of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Combinations that lead us away from the risk of stroke.

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5 SEO Tools

5 SEO Tools - SEO Tools are tools for ease of doing SEO. We know that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very useful for increasing website rankings in the Bing, Google, and Yahoo. SEO is a long-term benefits can bring profit and disseminate information widely. Suppose professors who want to UNDIP have the event spread, it is very useful SEO tricks to disseminate information on events in various search engines to be accessed worldwide through the website. I am a fan Google.com often observe the development of SEO and learn from fellow colleagues who have experienced internet.

The following are five useful seo tools for optimizing your website.

1. Check for No Follow:


2. Keyword Forecasting Tool by MSN Adsence


3. Google “Supplemental Results” Identifier


4. Page Strength


5. Google Trends


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Bantayan Island of Philippines

Bantayan Island of Philippines - Apart from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, the Philippines also has considerable potential tourist attractions. Bantayan Philippines is one of the great tourist attractions to visit. Bantayan island is a beautiful and interesting. The island still presents a view that is still natural. Beach scene presented by the island bantayan very exotic. Environment there is also quite good. The residents of About a friendly atmosphere add to your trip to be more comfortable.

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SALT movie review

SALT Movie review - Angelina Jolie fans will still remember the movie "Mr.. And Mrs.Smith," which came out five years ago. In addition to jump-start the name of Jolie, the film has also been the early emergence of Brangelina. Since the movie, "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001), Jolie is often seen carrying a firearm, so no wonder when she became the queen of Hollywood action movies. Spy thriller newest Phillip Noyce's work that much-awaited, "Salt," offers a combo package of entertainment in the form of suspenseful scenes and of course, the attraction of an Angelina Jolie.

The synergy between the genres of thriller and Jolie looks flawless fierce, so smooth revenue flowed into the same box-office records. On the opening weekend of Salt in America, this film earned 36.5 million dollars. The theme of the story is also very current, in the middle of the case of a Russian spy network that had recently been arrested in America.

Who is actually the Salt? "Salt" let the audience guessing throughout the film.

The main characters of this film was a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt. A defector from Russia named Orlov called Salt as a Russian spy, thus requiring Salt to conduct underground operations. Salt has gained training and years of experience running various missions of death, making Salt refer them to escape and outwit the pursuer.

But, why Salt escape? Is he going to kill the Russian president who visited the city of New York? Or, if he will mess up and reveal the truth behind the assassination plot against the President of Russia, and to clear his name?

Is Salt Russian spy, who infiltrated the CIA before the real mission? Salt mission basement alone. Andrew Schwartz, SMPSP

The audience is left to figure out who did not mean Salt said little during the movie. Salt expression was difficult to predict.

Neither the CIA nor the FBI could not stop Salt.

The film's story and then reveal a plot that is far more cruel than a murder. In the end, as with most spy movies, this film is not unexpected ending. One by one suspenseful action to bring the audience guessing what will happen until the end of the film.

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Top 3 free media players

Top 3 free media players - Media player is the software used to run audio and video files in an operating system. Inside the windows are tedapat application named Windows media player. But in the current developments, many of the developers who create their own media player. There are free and those that are not free. Below I will review three top media player for free.

1. Winamp

Winamp already be familiar to music lovers in the world. users very much. Winamp is available in versions for free, or the you can also upgrade to the PRO version. Features include: lots of customizable skins, built-in internet radio, support for a wide variety of audio and video formats, flash support, a customizable plug-ins, support for multiple languages, ABILITY to sync with your iPod, etc

2. VLC Media Player

VLC media plyer is an excellent media player. It is lightweight, portable, and the Almost Can play any media format out there. Can be used to play DVD files. VLC media player also has skins that can be altered. To try it you can visit the website VLC player download.

3. Media Jukebox
Media player This is my favorite. Media Jukebox is available in the free version and PRO. It looks very interesting. Themes that are used just like MacOS. What I like about the media player is very good organization of the music data.

Seminar objectives

Seminar objectives - The seminar was held with the aim to obtain the solution of problems that seminar. Therefore, the seminar participants were people who engaged in these issues. If this issue discussed was the performance of teachers, the seminar participants were people dabbling in the field of education. Because the performance of teachers and academic supervision is a problem that existed at the world of education. It would be less useful if the problem was attended by sailors and farmers. Although the problems discussed on social issues, the seminar is a scientific discussion which aims to find solutions. Thus the seminar ends with conclusions and recomendation.

Because the seminar is being discussed as one of the dissemination of best practices that are shared out is how the solution has been practiced by the speaker / host of paperwork. The author acts as a resource person working paper. In presentations, speakers explained what the problems encountered, who was involved, why the problem appears, what strategy to use, how to overcome them, and how success can be diimbaskan to participants of the seminar. Thus, in this seminar is not a solution, but described his experience to the seminar participants.

In a discussion / question and answer, not a final agreement to be acquired but narsumber explanations, examples and arguments that support these best practices. With explanations, examples, and arguments that never experienced the seminar participants are expected to be able to understand the contents of working papers and will be motivated to try more creative and innovative in addressing any problems encountered in the school with the scientific method. The important thing is to be determined is the subject matter and purpose. The theme should be selected which attracted the attention of the participants are important issues to be discussed and warm.

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Drugs Testing

Drugs Testing - Drug testing is used to analyze the chemical content in the body. Drug tests are usually done on the fluid in the urine, sweat and blood. With the drug test, we can know whether the person is taking illicit drugs or not. Drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, or heroin. There are several types of drug testing, such as a urine drug screen, hair drug testing, alcohol, drug screen Saliva, Sweat drug screen. This activity is mostly done by the police in a drunken drivers raided.

Classical music for health

Classical music for health - Classical music can soothe babies who are born premature. While listening to classical music, we can see the baby's face that his heartbeat was normal. Conception using music for healing therapies in the history of China have long been able to trace his footsteps, like patitur. Western science examines the relationship between various different music with relationship health is a recent occurrence. Scientists have found that classical music is a panacea for healing body and soul pain, can improve mental policy. Music therapy since 40 years was used in a variety of scope of clinical medicine. Various studies show the difference between classical music with modern music for the health of body and soul.

Music from Mozart than not subside for long periods, even beyond the region have been enjoying the music in a pure and miraculous healing effects of different kinds. From disease to disease senile Epilepsy, and the increase in IQ to increase milk production, many medical research reports on the most offensive music of Mozart has a healing effect, the trend of "Mozart Effect" was prevalent in many modern studies of this scope.

Some scientists are analyzing, Mozart effect originated from Mozart's melody in music appropriate to model the movement of the human brain.

Mozart Effect of the earliest published in 1993 by authority of science and technology magazine, the analysis of two University of California professor to prove, listening to Mozart sonata for 10 minutes, can affect IQ grow. They point out, classical music could improve Spirituality Quotient.

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