Looking for a Downtown Detroit Apartment?

Looking for a Downtown Detroit Apartment? - During my college years at Wayne State University, I lived in a diverse four-story apartment complex in downtown Detroit. It was dangerous for the time, but nowhere near as bad as it is now. I knew those who lived around me, but I would not consider us the closest friends. We were a community--everyone was trying to get by and seemed to share the bond of going through a struggle.

We were a band of misfits--a big clique, down on the rest of society. This city was a stark contrast from the nice suburban area of Grosse Pointe where I grew up. Living in Detroit was an experience with the harsh reality of living on your own.

Living as a member of the misfit community in Detroit introduced me to a plethora of interesting people, real characters, that I will never forget. There were pickpockets, junkies, gamblers, and worse. The pickpockets were a nice lesbian couple down on their luck. They acknowledged the immorality of their profession, but were resigned to doing what they had to do to get by.

They showed me their coats with special lining so that when they pick-pocketed someone, they could quickly and deftly conceal the stolen item. It was an eye-opening realization that people like this were all over the city, committing clandestine crimes right before our eyes.

Another lesbian couple living in the complex was engaged in an abusive relationship. I could hear the screaming and shouting from my room; it hurt to think of someone being abused within earshot when there was nothing I could do. However, one day I heard the abused woman in the hallway crying. When I left my room for the hallway to help her, I was shocked to see her holding her blood-soaked head.

I rushed her into my room to help her with her wounds, which turned out to be from her abusive partner pounding bobby pins into her scalp with a princess telephone (bobby pins in those days were much sharper than the modern rounded-end ones). I helped her with the wounds and saw her on her way, hoping for her safety.

Nowadays, you can live with safety in detroit if you choose the right apartments. I recommend you to go to The Lofts of Merchants Row. Is located on one of the most prestigious avenues in the country – Woodward Avenue – in the heart of the Campus Martius development in Downtown Detroit.

The apartments is one of Downtown Detroit Apartments which have luxury finishes, valet garage parking and many amenities not offered anywhere else in the city. You can start to contact them now.

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