7 Tips to reduce Insomnia

7 tips to reduce insomnia
Intensive activities were sometimes take time to sleep, even more for someone who has high mobility with a high density of activities as well. So time to sleep even less likely to be irregular. Well this disorder became the beginning of the problem of insomnia or trouble sleeping. For some people insomnia is often regarded as troublesome diseases that can even say excruciating because while other people easily soundly asleep, insomnia is very difficult to close my eyes let alone to sleep.

Here are some steps or tips to overcome insomnia or difficulty sleeping, without having to use drugs, but only with simple ways you can do yourself:

1. At first set bedtime and wake up on a regular basis. Sleeping at the time of changing to a loss in the standby condition. As a result the body is always in a state of tension. If you have the specified time to sleep and wake up, should be obeyed.

2. If someone is difficult to sleep, not advisable to sleep during the day. Sleep during the day will reduce the need to sleep at night. As a result sleep at night will often awake.

3. The bed should be used only for sleeping and not in use for other activities. For example watching TV, writing and so on.

4. Do not use electronic devices such as mobile phones before bed.

5. Exercise can help overcome insomnia. Doing sports in the afternoon or after sunset.

6. Avoid certain foods and drinks are like sweet foods, should be avoided before bed, so beverages that contain alcohol, tea and coffee.

7. Recommended a hot bath and drink warm milk before bed and lower the lights or turn off the lights in the room.

source: http://www.dechacare.com/Tips-Mengatasi-Insomnia-Atau-Susah-Tidur-I807.html

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sittin said...

I did it everyday continuously and i having more fit.

sobakawa pillow said...

yeah, nice tips. i'am still have a problem with insomnia., thx for sharing


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