5 Things to solved face skin problems

Skin Face TreatmentSometimes we forget the little things or trivial impact large enough for our skin. In fact, if we want to get used to change bad habits or the nature of our lazy, could face skin free from problems. The face skin type that we have is different from body skin. Skin face need little bit more treatment. Because it sensitive with the weather, food, and many more. You have to know which kind of your face skin type before you use some cream, lotion or medicine for your skin face.

Here is a custom skin care around the needs to be changed:

1. Using very hot water when washing the face

Hot water can cause inflammation of the face. Wash face with hot water will also open the pores of the face and make the skin pores difficult to close again. Finally, we face looks like an orange skin with pores that are wide.

If the pores enlarged face, dirt easily enter into the pores and cause acne or blackheads. The solution: use cold water to wash his face again after using warm water so that the pores of the face back to normal.

2. Ordinary soap to wash her face

Facial cleansers have been adapted to the needs of women with skin pH (acidity level of the skin) are balanced so that it can resolve the issue or problem skin. While regular soap (bath soap) usually have a different pH so that it can damage the skin condition.

Do not use soap to wash baby's face. This type of soap is not suitable for your skin condition as a baby soap is formulated to cope with dry skin usually occurs in babies' skin. If your skin is normal or oily likely, it will make the skin problem was growing.

3. To touch the face of the freshly cleaned by hand

The hand is the source for skin diseases. Through hand, will be transferred a number of germs that can cause acne, blackheads, and even infection.

4. Using moisturizer without clean face

Use a moisturizer immediately after cleaning the face. At that time the pores are open so that the face moisturizer can be easily absorbed by the skin.

5. Too much spicy food

Spicy foods will stimulate a number of bacteria in the skin to grow fast so that your skin will continue to acne. Occasionally avoid spicy foods.

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