Tips using contact lense

Tips using contact lense - It is important to know how to wear contact lenses or soft lense properly. The first thing you should do is, wash your hands clean before handling contact lenses. Open the case marked R (right or right) first and let L (left or left) is closed. Take a contact lens and place it on the palm of his left hand and rinse with a special cleaning soft lense that you can get in optics. Then put the soft lense right index finger down the right hand with the position of the soft lense open and not too wet.

Use your left hand to open the right eyelid upwards and pull the eyelid down using your middle finger right hand. While looking in the mirror, place the soft lense on the right cornea (the black).

Of course you should open your eyes a little wider until soft enough to put the lense on the eye cornea. Once attached, usually absorbed and it will feel cold, then slowly release the lower eyelid followed by the top. Blink your eyes over and over again slowly until it was jammed.

Do the same with your left eye. In addition to the soft lense how to use it correctly, you also do not forget to be diligent in cleaning the soft lense. If you want to know further with contact lense, you can visit Tageslinsen

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