How to Get Six Packs - 3 Basic Tips

How to Get Six Packs - 3 Basic Tips. Many people complain because it was too tired in shaping his stomach muscles to get a sixpacks. This happens because they have not seen satisfactory results. They just continue to build muscle workout sixpack without considering other factors that exist. The following are pretty good tips in shaping your stomach muscles

1. Prepare motivation - you must have a strong motivation, do not just stand up to 1-2 months only. Consistency and hard work will be influential.

2. Look at your stomach - when you sit down, please note with details of your abdomen. If there is still fat, you have to burn the fat first. To burn fat, you can do cardio, running and cycling.

3. Start Exercise - If you've managed to burn fat in the stomach, you've already start with the following exercise:

A. Sit-up (exercise for the upper abdominal muscles)

Sit on the carpet and then bend the legs, Cross hands at chest
Tighten the stomach, then lower the weight down, hold briefly, then returned to its original position.

Do not make a move until his back touched the floor. Do the movements slow and controlled.

On returning to the starting position and tighten your abdominal muscles still feel the pressure on the abdominal muscles when the body position near thigh.

For the reps you can try 15-50 times depending on how many you can. But for the first set do not have too much.

B. Leg raises (Exercise for lower abdominal muscles)

Lie on a flat bench and hold hands at the end of the bench behind your head. With legs slightly bent position, lift the foot so as to form an angle of 45 degrees.

Hold briefly and then slowly return to starting position. Keep your feet do not touch the bench.

C. Side to side (Exercise for the side abdominal muscles)

Stand up straight with both hands holding the dumbbells. The position of the hands straight at his sides.

Slowly move your body to the left side of the muscle belly up to feel the pressure. Hold briefly, return to starting position.

Slowly move your body to the right side of the muscle belly up to feel the pressure. Return to starting position.

When the body moves to the side guard to keep the body upright and not bending or leaning forward.

"Be careful not too tired and avoid the burden is too heavy, as if too heavy can cause injury to the waist."

4. Add Nutrition - You should also keep your food. Reduce foods with carbohydrates and

multiply the protein. its godd for your muscle. You can eat 5-6 times, multiply eating fruits and vegetables.

Do the above tips in a sustainable and feel the benefits. If you want more advanced tips that you can find it here. That info and tips is very helpful for those who want to focus on reducing fat in the abdomen and get sixpacks.

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