How To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant - Have children is the desire of every family, even our lives with the child will feel perfect, but often we meet a family who had lived together for many years still has not have a child. Here are some tips that can be performed for the couple to quickly get a pregnancy:

1. Not Using Contraceptive

Not using any contraceptive was the first thing that must be considered. This is because the use of this tool will cause your menstrual cycles become irregular and it took several months to become normal again. But, not a few women who became infertile in the first month after stopping the pill.

2. Check with your Health Conditions

The first thing to do is to conduct a medical examination that includes your own body's health, about your reproductive system, fertility rates and other matters to the experts. Check with this case both husband and wife.

This is of capital importance for the occurrence of pregnancy and to be known by the couple, because if there is constraint on the matter, of course needed further care and treatment and not just tips. If after examined and found to condition you and your partner healthy, it might be useful further tips and you can do.

Know About the Occurrence of Pregnancy Knowledge Base
It is also important to know the couple for can be used as an illustration to get pregnant. Knowing how much a normal sperm count, the condition of the cervix during the fertile period, how long the sperm reaches the egg, etc.

3. Know Your Fertile Period

Fertile period was marked by a significant increase in luteinizing hormone just before ovulation (release of eggs from the ovary). The increase in LH would push out the egg from the ovary into the fallopian tubes.

In the fallopian tubes can occur fertilization by sperm. Times this is called the fertile period, ie when there is an egg cell and is ready to be fertilized. The egg is in the fallopian tube for about 3-4 days but only until the age of 2 days the best time to fertilize, after that death.

4. Know and Avoid Problems Fertility (Infertility)

Fertility problems occur due to disruption of reproductive systems in women and the decreasing quality and quantity of sperm in men. A research states that fertility problems occurred in 40% from women, 40% from men and 30% due to both.

5. The best time for conception

It is important to know when the best time for conception in a woman. The best time for conception or fertilization is when the fertile period or ovulation of a woman.

To note that the mature egg lives only 24 hours, while sperm live 48-72 hours in a female body. Therefore, to have sex before the time of ovulation is better to increase the pregnancy than a day or two days afterwards.

6. The frequency of sexual intercourse

Frequency or how often to have sex, it all depends on each couple. There are no special numbers to make sure how many times a person must have sex to get pregnant.

There are women who become pregnant with just one course but others require a longer time. Most importantly "how often" you had sexual intercourse in the "best time for conception."

7. Many Do not Moves After Sex?

There is no evidence to suggest that after a sexual relationship with does not move and stay in a sleeping position with the legs or hips higher after sex will increase fertility. Because the sperm is actually already in the cervix shortly after ejaculation.

But there are experts who still advocate for a moment to give the sperm swim into the cervix and whippy hips with a pillow during sex.

The most important thing is when you clean up, avoid using cleaning fluid shortly after vaginal intercourse, due to vaginal cleaning fluid can be toxic to sperm.

The husband should avoid wearing overly tight pants or warm bath, this will decrease the chance of pregnancy because of the emphasis or hot area testes (sperm-forming).

8. Avoid Smoking and Drugs

Smoking or taking drugs very mngurangi chance of a woman to get pregnant, and can cause miscarriage, premature birth, and babies with low weight.

9. Reduce Caffeine

Many studies show, too much caffeine can reduce the body's ability to absorb iron. If you want to get pregnant, avoid drinking coffee, tea, or colas that contain caffeine high.

10. Applying a Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing that is no less important is to implement a healthy lifestyle. Here's what you should consider:

If by chance you or your husband's a smoker, you should stop smoking. as well as the habit of drinking alcohol. Drink alcohol at all reduce the chance of pregnancy by 50%

Make sure your Weight Not Less / No More (ideal) because the weight is less / more than could complicate conception, also became a problem when you are pregnant. As for men, lack of weight can reduce sperm formation.

Diligent exercise, thus the condition of your body always fit and in the process of fertilization would be greater there. Nutritious Diets balanced in nutrient laden foods needed to obtain a healthy pregnancy later.

11. Use the Associated Board of The Right Position

Many fertility experts who argue that the man on top position during intercourse provides the best opportunity for the occurrence of pregnancy. To be effective, she can prop her hips with a pillow so her cervix could accommodate a lot of sperm.

Try after ejaculation occurs between pairs, for 10-20 minutes for the woman remained in a lying position. Do not leave earlier than the attitude of this lie because the minute this time of semen will melt, and if the woman got up liquid cement will flow back into the vagina and make the sour atmosphere weakened and dead sperm.

It is also an order for a woman's fertility can be better maintained.

12. Relaxed atmosphere Presents The Associated

Activities related to this husband and wife should be done in a relaxed and romantic. When the fertile period arrived and planned to have sex, make preparations enough time. If the completed activities of a work, rest beforehand to give the body a refreshing time.

Bathing can be a way for the body become refreshed. Keep the mood and be relaxed, do not be too stressful in sexual intercourse, for example, think about whether the "activities" this time will produce a pregnancy.

13. Vitamin Drink

To get pregnant quickly, consumption of foods containing vitamins and substances needed for fertility is very important for you and your partner. Vitamin C, one of them, can improve sperm quality.

Consume 1,000 mg and 10 mcg of vitamin D or vitamin E can increase the fertility of men and women. And women who take folic acid pregnant have a better chance than those who do not consume them. Folic acid also plays an important role in the formation of the fetal brain tube later.

14. Pray To The Almighty

Humans simply can plan and try, while that God would determine everything. Therefore equip your business with a prayer to Him, so blessed as soon as the gift of pregnancy. Prayer is so powerful, capable of realizing the impossible becomes possible. So, pray!

That is some step how to get pregnant. but if you want to learn more details about how to get pregnant. I recommended to read about this ebook.

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