The herdeolum disease

These days I get a disease in the eyelid. Its make me to stop all my routine activity. In the Indonesian language called "Bintitan". Initially the disease does not interfere with my vision. However, after a few days, the disease is growing and sore, so that makes me not to come to the office and come to the doctor for treatment.

After seeing doctors, I was given eye drops and some other drugs. The doctor said the disease caused by the irritation and bacteria that enter the eyelid. Well, I understand why this can happen. Because every day I get to work by riding a motorcycle. Dust and smoke on the street who irritate them.

Then I tried to find this disease in google, and I found this link. It was true, that this disease caused by bacteria. In medicine, this disease is called the "Herdeolum". and bacteria in it called the "staphylococcal". bacterium was only trapped in the eyelids, causing lumps.

Yeah, hopefully it can quickly disappear and I can return to activity again.

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