How much is your twitter account worth?

Apparently, twitter account has a value. Like a blog or website. But I do not know the meaning of that value. Where the value comes from it, whether from many tweet we do? or how active we are on the twitter site?

I found this website from my friend twitter status. After I open and try it, my twitter account was worth about $ 40. Hemm, pretty good. Suppose it could be transferred to my paypal account : D

Please visit this website to try it. Please visit this website to try it. But you must have a twitter account first.

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AJ said...

Oh, man. $40. That too much!
Good very good. I just learn using sponsoredtweet and just earn my 1st $1.00. Hohoho I don't know how to do.. Just try error.. :D

rio2000 said...

lumayan $ 78 he he

isi posting artikel paid review sebaiknya 1:3 minimal
maksudnya 1 artikel paid review dan 3 artikel normal

google sekarang sedang galak sama blog yg isinya sudah keluar dari "isi blog yg sebenarnya" page rank 4 bisa digebuk jadi pagerank 0

ardianz said...

@AJ ., yeah, congrats bro., yoy have earned $1 is not so bad.


oh gitu ya sob,. hehe., abis lagi banyak job review nih., thx sob masukannya

AJ said...


Thanks for visit my PTC Sites :-)

Your blog got PR 3.. Pretty Good :-)
Hope get more review jobs. :-)

You are from Indonesia right? :-)
I'm your neighbor country.. :D

ardianz said...


you're welcome bro., nice to visit your blog



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