Big nose, big protection from germ

Having a big nose and sharp-edged can attract attention and comment a lot of people. However, jumbo-sized nose also was carrying a boon to health because it can provide protection against disease.As reported by the scientists of the United States, a large nose inhaling nearly 7 percent fewer pollutants than the number of small nose. Big nose also serves as the "castle" that filters out bacteria and viruses, so do not get into the mouth.

Research shows that the more prominent forms of facial elements, such as the nose and lips, the fewer dust particles and bacteria that enters the body. Big nose can also reduce the impact of hay fever or fever due to allergies.

This conclusion is the result of research scientists from the University of Iowa, USA. Research conducted in the laboratory by comparing the two types of artificial nose, one is sized 2.3 times greater. Every nose is placed on a human head model is added to the lips of varying size.

Results of research published in the journal Annals Of Occupational Hygiene shows big nose inhaling 6.5 percent fewer dust particles. Big lips also decrease the number of incoming particles up to 3.2 percent.

These findings certainly be good news for those who have a long nose and big. However, for your small-nosed need not necessarily be discouraged. God has created his best not for aesthetics only, but also for health.

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