Mobile phone vs Health

The use of mobile phones in the world continues to escalate. According to the International Telecommunications Union, mobile phone users this year is expected to reach five billion. Humans increasingly difficult to escape from the grip of a cell phone in their activities.This fact triggered fears of a long-term effects of radiation caused by the use of mobile phones on health. Allegations of mobile phone radiation effects on health is raised a lot of researchers from several countries. Extensive research conducted to mention, a disease that may be related to the use of mobile phones among other cancers, especially brain cancer, and diseases associated with nerve, eye tumors, to Alzheimer's.

However, research about the impact of mobile phone use on health, especially increasing the incidence of cancer, are still pros and cons. Conclusions will be the impact of microwave radiation from mobile phones was considered petty because mobile phone technology in the future is still growing.

Another study is the link between mobile phone usage and improvement in motor accident cases. The use of cell phones while driving may cause distraction resulting in ease of accident that claimed the soul.

Their research was later supported by banning cell phone use on the highway. Indonesia, the ban has also been imposed despite the fact that without close supervision.

But in relation to health, such as brain tumors, skin cancer, or diseases associated with nerve there is still no convergence is seen although the health effects of mobile phone usage that takes into account length of a person using a mobile phone.

In the midst of efforts to solve the mystery of the impact of mobile phone usage with long-term health, British researchers launched the largest research programs in the world at the end of April. Research that takes 20-30 years into the future it is believed could be more objective study to analyze the impact of using mobile phones on the health of users due to radiation.

Studies about the safety of the world's largest mobile phone usage is going to recruit 250 000 mobile phone users in five countries in Europe. Users who have researched from the British, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, and Dutch.

Prof Lawrie Challis, a member of the researcher, said this study is important. "We can not say with certainty that cell phones lead to cancer. Evidence that there has not been stronger, "said Challis.

In the cross of opinion among scientists, from now needs to take steps to monitor the effect on the health of the mobile phone. The results will be assessed objectively because a large number of users are monitored and observed the long term.

Mireille Toledano from Imperial College London explained, this study not only directed to brain cancer. Therefore, the use of mobile phones is highly diverse, including surfing the Internet site, which means the phone is not always in the head.

That will be seen also is related to broader health problems, including other forms of cancer, such as skin cancer, and other brain diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases.

In regard to this research, which dimasalahkan is usually dependent on how many mobile phone usage. Mobile phone usage will be recorded detail.

Researchers also will monitor the WiFi, cordless phones and baby monitors the use by the participants as well as with the use of mobile technology, to obtain a complete picture about the exposure to all types of electromagnetic radiation.

Several studies

A number of studies that took place, among others, about the effect of mobile phone use on brain tumors, conducted over four years by the University of Leeds, Nottingham, and University of Manchester and the Institute of Cancer Research, London. In 2006, British researchers said there was no link between mobile phone use and increased incidence of glioma brain tumors that are common in the brain or spine.

Andreas Stang from Martin Luther University of Halle Wittenberg in Germany and his colleagues did an experiment to test the relationship between mobile phone use and risk of uveal melanoma in 459 patients and 1194 controls.

They are grouped according to the amount of usage time on the phone, never used, sporadic users, and regular user. There are no significant data between phone use and 10 years. "We observed no increase in the incidence of uveal melanoma among cell phone users or radio equipment in Germany, where a digital telephone technology introduced to the early 1990s," he said.

Other researchers found there were many young people who complained about pain in his thumb, neck and hands when typing a message short message service (SMS). The study was conducted Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. To cope, the cause needs to be seen how often the user uses the phone's small keypad. Also keep in mind your posture and do not type with one thumb.

For those who liked to SMS for a long time, it is advisable not to sit with the same position for long. There should also stretch your fingers and use two thumbs.

It has not found strong evidence of health effects of mobile phone users children and adults. Experts suggest that mobile phone use for children should be restricted. The children in the view of some researchers microwave radiation are particularly vulnerable because their nerves are still developing, while their skulls are still thin compared with adults.

Mobile phone radiation is not transmitted X-ray radiation, but the microwave radiation. Some scientists worry that radiation can destroy brain cells because the phone is used close to the head.

From the study by the Center for Education Studies Sheffield University Hallam, England, found 90 percent of children under the age of 16 years has a personal cell phone and one from 10 to spend more than 45 minutes of wear. SMS usage among children is also high.

Under no circumstances should any person would not attempt to minimize exposure to radiation from mobile phones.

The use of cell phones as much as possible not to make excessive dependence because they can trigger a moment of stress can also trigger cancer as well. Recommended the use of hands-free while chatting to minimize radiation to the brain.


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