11 hours sleep, make your child more intelligent

If you want your child excel in school, tell them to always sleep on time every night. Latest research results of experts in the United States indicate that regular sleep pattern will make children more intelligent. Children who sleep and nap schedule will have the language skills, reading and math better in school.This is the result of independent research scientists at SRI International, which involved 8000 children aged 4 years. One of the conclusions outlined in the Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting was also mentioned, children on average less than 11 hours of sleep each day showed less good ability.

In that study, researchers analyzed information about children sleeping through interviews with parents. This information is collected when the children aged 9 months and was repeated when they reach the age of four years.

Research leader Dr. Erika Gaylor stated, the research data also reveals many children in the U.S. who do not meet the needs of her sleep. As a result, these children experienced an interruption in the growth and difficult to achieve in school.

He recommended the parents to arrange an appropriate sleep schedule so that children can achieve healthy sleep quality. Parents also need to spend some time interacting with children in bed on a regular basis, such as reading books or telling stories

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