Coconut water to prevent dehydration

Coconut water to prevent dehydration - Most of the human body consists of fluids. Liquids are located on cells, cell cavity, and blood. 1 liter of fluid that is in our bodies removed by evaporation on the skin and lungs. If the incoming fluid intake or less, the body will become dehydrated. Therefore, we recommend to drink water in as much as 2 liters per day. In addition, coconut water can also be used for preventing dehydration. Coconut water contains electrolytes, or mineral composition of a balanced and similar to human blood fluids.

With the composition and mineral content, coconut water is very good to prevent dehydration. Coconut water contains as much as 95.5 percent water, nitrogen as much as 0.05 percent, 0.56 percent of phosphoric acid, potassium as much as 0.25 percent, 0.69 percent of calcium oxide, magnesium oxide as much as 0.59 percent and little substance iron and sugar.

In addition to preventing dehydration, coconut water is also useful for dissolving kidney stones. For those suffering from kidney stones, it is recommended to drink as much as 2 liters per day. Sugars, potassium and low sodium content contained in coconut water, suitable as energy drinks for athletes, because it can regulate electrolyte body and eliminate fatigue.

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