Classical music for health

Classical music for health - Classical music can soothe babies who are born premature. While listening to classical music, we can see the baby's face that his heartbeat was normal. Conception using music for healing therapies in the history of China have long been able to trace his footsteps, like patitur. Western science examines the relationship between various different music with relationship health is a recent occurrence. Scientists have found that classical music is a panacea for healing body and soul pain, can improve mental policy. Music therapy since 40 years was used in a variety of scope of clinical medicine. Various studies show the difference between classical music with modern music for the health of body and soul.

Music from Mozart than not subside for long periods, even beyond the region have been enjoying the music in a pure and miraculous healing effects of different kinds. From disease to disease senile Epilepsy, and the increase in IQ to increase milk production, many medical research reports on the most offensive music of Mozart has a healing effect, the trend of "Mozart Effect" was prevalent in many modern studies of this scope.

Some scientists are analyzing, Mozart effect originated from Mozart's melody in music appropriate to model the movement of the human brain.

Mozart Effect of the earliest published in 1993 by authority of science and technology magazine, the analysis of two University of California professor to prove, listening to Mozart sonata for 10 minutes, can affect IQ grow. They point out, classical music could improve Spirituality Quotient.

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