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SALT Movie review - Angelina Jolie fans will still remember the movie "Mr.. And Mrs.Smith," which came out five years ago. In addition to jump-start the name of Jolie, the film has also been the early emergence of Brangelina. Since the movie, "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001), Jolie is often seen carrying a firearm, so no wonder when she became the queen of Hollywood action movies. Spy thriller newest Phillip Noyce's work that much-awaited, "Salt," offers a combo package of entertainment in the form of suspenseful scenes and of course, the attraction of an Angelina Jolie.

The synergy between the genres of thriller and Jolie looks flawless fierce, so smooth revenue flowed into the same box-office records. On the opening weekend of Salt in America, this film earned 36.5 million dollars. The theme of the story is also very current, in the middle of the case of a Russian spy network that had recently been arrested in America.

Who is actually the Salt? "Salt" let the audience guessing throughout the film.

The main characters of this film was a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt. A defector from Russia named Orlov called Salt as a Russian spy, thus requiring Salt to conduct underground operations. Salt has gained training and years of experience running various missions of death, making Salt refer them to escape and outwit the pursuer.

But, why Salt escape? Is he going to kill the Russian president who visited the city of New York? Or, if he will mess up and reveal the truth behind the assassination plot against the President of Russia, and to clear his name?

Is Salt Russian spy, who infiltrated the CIA before the real mission? Salt mission basement alone. Andrew Schwartz, SMPSP

The audience is left to figure out who did not mean Salt said little during the movie. Salt expression was difficult to predict.

Neither the CIA nor the FBI could not stop Salt.

The film's story and then reveal a plot that is far more cruel than a murder. In the end, as with most spy movies, this film is not unexpected ending. One by one suspenseful action to bring the audience guessing what will happen until the end of the film.

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Good movie, Full of action and thrill. One of the best Angelina Jolie movie which i ever seen. You must see that movie at this weekend. Thanks for providing review of this movie.

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