Seminar objectives

Seminar objectives - The seminar was held with the aim to obtain the solution of problems that seminar. Therefore, the seminar participants were people who engaged in these issues. If this issue discussed was the performance of teachers, the seminar participants were people dabbling in the field of education. Because the performance of teachers and academic supervision is a problem that existed at the world of education. It would be less useful if the problem was attended by sailors and farmers. Although the problems discussed on social issues, the seminar is a scientific discussion which aims to find solutions. Thus the seminar ends with conclusions and recomendation.

Because the seminar is being discussed as one of the dissemination of best practices that are shared out is how the solution has been practiced by the speaker / host of paperwork. The author acts as a resource person working paper. In presentations, speakers explained what the problems encountered, who was involved, why the problem appears, what strategy to use, how to overcome them, and how success can be diimbaskan to participants of the seminar. Thus, in this seminar is not a solution, but described his experience to the seminar participants.

In a discussion / question and answer, not a final agreement to be acquired but narsumber explanations, examples and arguments that support these best practices. With explanations, examples, and arguments that never experienced the seminar participants are expected to be able to understand the contents of working papers and will be motivated to try more creative and innovative in addressing any problems encountered in the school with the scientific method. The important thing is to be determined is the subject matter and purpose. The theme should be selected which attracted the attention of the participants are important issues to be discussed and warm.

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