The Snuggie Blanket

A Snuggie Blanket is a sleeved, body-length blanket that is made of fleece. It looks like a bathrobe but it does more than that. A blanket it is, the Snuggie is used to provide optimum warmth from the cold environment. A snuggie also has a hood so you can stay warm from head to toe. Here are 4 reasons why you’ll love Snuggie:

1. It keeps you warm. Snuggie is a new generation of blanket. It is a blanket you can use anywhere even in outdoors. This is one blanket that provides warmth even while you are lying, sitting, standing or walking.

2. It allows free movement. Unlike a traditional blanket where your hands are kept under it, a Snuggie has sleeves so your hands can move freely. The Snuggie doesn’t keep you in bed or in one place so you can do just anything you need to do.

3. It is machine-washable. So no matter how dirty you get, cleaning your Snuggie will never be a problem.

4. It is good for everyone. The Snuggie is a one-size fits all blanket for adults. However, there is a separate size for kids, this is called Snugglette. Since this is for everyone in your household, your pet gets one too! It’s called Snuggie for dog. Your cats need not be jealous, they can wear it too!

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