100 post already

Finally I've written 100 posts. This blog is created around the year 2007. This happens when when I was getting bored with friendster. I started to learn blogging by writing this article. Articles about religion. because I've learned about the science of religion. Initially difficult to blogging. There is no theme or story that I can write. after I learned from a senior blog, I finally started to focus. change the template, install the widget, search traffic, blogwalking, etc.

This blog starts around the month April 2009. I saw a talk show in the metro tv. about how bloggers can make money. At the time that the speaker is mrs zee, owner of tehsusu.com blog. from there I began eagerly to blogging.

I'm looking for programs that can make money through blogs, such as PTC, PPC, PTR. first program that I follow is pickjack.com. Although the results only slightly, I am happy to make money through this blog.

I hope this blog more useful for me and for other readers. thx.

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