Are you bored with scam ptc? investigate it first

I've been following many ptc programs. But only few are successful. is one ptc ever give dollars to my paypal account. And others still stalled in payment. Sometimes I want to leave ptc programs. But because many of the other bloger been successful with this program, I'm still continue it.

This afternoon I was googling about ptc's I follow, Balance is already quite a lot. But I doubt whether this ptc pays its members or not. Then I found a blog that contains the existing PTC investigation. He gave information on whether these ptc ptc-legal or scam. And the results of these investigations is the experience he had tried. Not information from other sources.

So, if you really want to try a new ptc. There is nothing wrong we see the investigation of these blogs. At least we can avoid the scam ptc.

Here is a link blog

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