11 technique to sharpen your brain

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, has examined the brain of rats. They found that rat brain grew by 4 percent when they were forced to perform mental tasks every day, such as looking for a way out of a winding alley, climbing stairs, and socialize with other rats.Well, just a mouse brain can be trained to grow, especially the human brain. The more trained, our brains must be more sharply. Memory loss in a certain amount at any age is normal, just as the changes in other organs. Just do not lazy to diligently train our brain to stay strong memory of all time.

Here's how:

1. Practice observing capabilities. Note the surrounding environment. Record in your mind what you see, starting from the simplest and continued with a more complex observations.

2. Sharpen the senses. Can be trained to distinguish the taste of food likes and what does not. Recognizing the smell and aroma around or noises in the street or maybe feeling hot or cold air around you.

3. Memorize the name of his friends and pair the phone number. There are few who can remember? Practice in order to remember more.

4. Learn something new. Many read and acquainted with other things that may not be your field, can be a foreign language, knowledge of computers, and others.

5. Use your hands to follow the instructions of the brain. For example play the guitar, typing without looking at the keys, doing crafts of wood, or practice writing smooth.

6. Practice your hobby. Use the opportunity to develop your hobby.

7. Learn and memorize important dates, concerned family members, friends, or a particular celebration.

8. Memorize something you like. Could be it poetry, song, words from a book or the words of someone. As much as possible also try to phrase used is a foreign language.

9. Exercise memorize a long sequence of numbers lined up, for example 32145687390282930498. This is a form of exercise to improve short-term memory. Do it by grouping or split the numbers into several parts, such as 7390282 and 3214568 then the last 930,498.

10. Remember personal travel. What are you doing an hour ago, last week on Wednesday at 10.00, for example. With whom, where, and so on.

11. Remember and thorough re daily expenses. What did you buy yesterday? How much money is in your wallet right now? When did you last get cash, and so on.

These exercises will allow the brain cells remain active and connective tissue between cells of the brain the meeting. Challenging mental activities increase the number of active circuits, or synapses in the brain. The more circuits, more and more associations, the greater the ability to remember

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