Listening music according to your mood

When you listening your favourite music, usually your feel much better than before. You 'll be more relax, fun, or maybe sleep well. Personally i always listening music everyday. Actually on my office room. when my job is getting harder or more worst, it is make me stress for a while. Automatically my mood changes into a bad mood. Only my playlist on my phone that can make my mood changes to a better mood. There is some web apps to solved this problem. You can visit AUPEO, a web apps that provide music playlist which you play it with your mood desires.

There is some mood here, such as Happy, Fun, Dramatic, Stressful, melancholic, Aggressive, Energetic, Relaxing, Danceable, Calm. You can choose one of these mood. When you choose, playslist automatically provide
music that match for the mood. So, are you ready to swing your mood?

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Sean Byrne said...

nice info guys., i love to listening music on whatever time, actually at work i usually use my phone to search my favourite song.

Sean Byrne @ how to become

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