Increase your energy in 10 minutes

The average office employee to work for 6-8 hours per day, plus a break for 1 hour. Apparently, many feel rations were not enough rest. As a result, we often are so tired, but not yet returned. To menyiasatinya, try a short break, 10 minutes. Afterwards, we'll come back energized and the spirit to work. This is what we can do:

1. Exit the room
Solarise your body in the sun for 10 minutes. Exposure to direct sunlight can help the body produce vitamin D and hormone serotonin. This hormone will improve your mood and make us sleep well at night.

2. Up and down the stairs
"Doing this activity for 10 minutes can improve the work of the heart in pumping blood," said Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, of the American Dietetic Association.

3. "Playing" water
This method has been applied to the Romans. Formerly, they undergo a ritual to freshen yourself with diving in cold water pond. For us now, do not have to worry for the pool water. Enough cold water splashed into the face to make your skin refreshed.

4. Set the feng-shui desk
Try to reset the paraphernalia on the desk. Dispose of paper and documents that no longer needed. This activity can improve mood. Plus, the new system table can help us work more efficiently.


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I need this info...thanks for this :)

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you're welcome., pls enjoy it

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