6 online tools to convert image into icon file

When you built some aplication like web design or desktop application, at the end of developing we always make sure that user interface have some interesting stuff. We can add some button with image or flash. But actually this is not the first important things. The whole process of aplication system is the most important. Image file like jpeg, bmp, gif usually used for user interface. But there is another option, you can use some ico file (icon). You can convert your favourite jpg, gif, png file into the ico with some web online.

These application website provides you to convert another image file into ico file (icon). Its free and simple to use.

1. Convertico

2. Prodraw

3. Coolutils

4. Converthub

5. Ico Converter

6. Icon Verticon

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Bisnis Simpel di Internet said...

aku coba ya sob semua toolsnya...Ijin download ya....

ardianz said...

silahkan sob, hajar aja langsung., :d

narablog nusantara said...

wah, ini boleh ini. buat yg ga pengen ribed bikin icon pake grafis soft dari nol.

ardianz said...

yoi, gak ribet pake ini., tinggal upload file yang anda mau., :D

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