Lettuce leaves can prevent you from lung disease

So far, the lettuce was almost more of a decorative food, but rich in nutrients and very good for health. These vegetables can protect the lungs, preventing cancer and stroke, keep your hearts and resolve anemia and bronchitis.Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) when viewed at a glance the leafy radish shaped like flowers. Lettuce is the most popular plants among other salad crops. In 1952, the commercial value of lettuce as a vegetable in the United States, surpassed only by potatoes and tomatoes. This plant is estimated to have been started since 2500 the business made last year.

Lettuce plants thought to have come from West Asia. Starting from West Asia and America, this plant is then spread to various countries. Regional spread of lettuce, among others, Caribbean, Malaysia, East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, and the Philippines.

Further development of lettuce cultivation spread to the countries that is temperate and hot. Some countries have developed and create superior varieties, such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, and the Netherlands.

In Indonesia, the lettuce has not been growing rapidly as a commercial vegetable. A lot of areas planted with lettuce is still limited to centers such as vegetable producers Cipanas (Cianjur) and Lembang (Bandung).

Lettuce, including families Asteraceae and genus Lactuca. Included in this family is the lettuce leaf. During this and many people mistakenly think lettuce leaves with watercress, watercress when coming from a different family.

Lettuce leaves have a fresh green leaves, serrated or wavy edges, and more delicious eaten raw. Leaf lettuce varieties grown in Indonesia generally come from abroad.

Watercress is different with lettuce leaves. Watercress comes from the family Brassicaceae and has the Latin name is different, namely Nasturtium officinale. Watercress has the characteristics of hollow rod with oval leaves, stemmed. Origin area is the eastern Mediterranean and the region bordering Asia.

Watercress contains a complete antioxidant components, so as to boost the immune system and detoxify the body of toxins. A study has focused on the anticancer properties of watercress owned, particularly high antioxidant content.

Types of lettuce was also proven to treat tuberculosis, scabies, and is antibacterial. Antikudis quality has been used since centuries ago by using lettuce as a traditional medicine.

In a recent study, indicating the water lettuce can protect the lungs of smokers from the carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco and cigarette smoke. Watercress consumption helps inhibit the formation of NKK, namely a carcinogenic substances in tobacco, which accounted for the occurrence of lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, and throat.

This is possible because the water lettuce containing PEITC (phenethyl isothiocynate) that comes out when a leaf is chewed, the agent for lung cancer-fighting kemopreventif. Research also proves that nutritious watercress counteracting inflammation of the respiratory tract mucous membranes.

In Germany, watercress is used to treat urinary tract infections in children. Lettuce leaf powder used in India as peluruh sputum to treat bronchitis and liver disorders.

In addition, watercress is also peluruh urine, laxatives, enhancing stamina. Also useful in overcoming anemia, eczema, kidney and liver disorders, tumors, ulcers, and warts as rich in antioxidants and fitiokimia.

In traditional medicine, fresh watercress leaves used to purify the blood and treating patients suffering from chronic metabolic disorder and astenia (weakness). Watercress leaves are crushed and used as a facial mask can be overcome acne, spots, or black stain.

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